June 6, 2015

Learning to Learn

I try to remind my students on regular basis; "Remember kids! as strange as it sounds... you're learning how to learn." But more often than not, this concept is stolen from them. In most of the U.S., the typical public school student is deprived of that necessity. The nation is too focused on data collection, standardized testing, and the common core to bother wasting time teaching how to learn. The departmental focus seems to lean towards content. 

If you are having trouble believing or seeing this, ask a university professor. Ask how many recent college freshman can actually write a paper or design a practical theory in their respective fields. It's a problem that has yet to find an effective solution. I came across an article this morning (via Daily Good) that conveys this notion (with graphics!) and I think it is worthy of sharing somewhere where I'm not restricted to 140 characters.

So here you go; please find "What School Doesn't Teach You: How to Learn" over at BigThink.com. Enjoy and remember to #neverstoplearning!