October 28, 2010

Crowtastic - new story published!

Hello friends!

Full of Crow's October issue is loose and feasting on readers' eyes (see what I did there?!). It is one of my favorite lit mags around - read through some of the archive. AND I have a story in it!! "Solace in Colors" which hails from my forthcoming collection, Only Human: Stories of Weakness. I am alongside of some great writers: Ben Tanzer, Adam Moorad, Paul Beckman, Aimee De Long, and MORE.

"Solace in Colors" is about Stephen Colbert and his unique ability to turn anything and everything into some sort of ego-booster. He's a funny man, indeed (although I do like The Daily Show better). The story, however, digs into his soul as a normal human being - not in front of the camera - trying to find comfort in the color purple.

Because everyone has those weak moments.


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