May 2, 2010

Re-re-RECAP (briefly)

Bros. And Broettes.

The reading on Saturday, May 1st was a load of fun. I had a blast and I hope all who came did, too.

Among finally meeting DJ BERNDT in person and seeing ERIC NELSON read some of his amazing nonfiction prose, I had the chance to meet MIKE LALA. He was a friend of Nelsons (and also a part of the Numu Arts Collective of Brooklyn) who read some stunning poetry. The crowd was more than just friends, too. People came in off the street to listen and there were people there who saw the listing on the internet (or in the newspaper). It was awesome! This is why I love organizing these readings and events. Meeting new people/writers/artists/bros/broettes makes life worth living!

Afterwords some of the Broad Set gang went to Tattooed Moms (also on South Street) but I unfortunately had to get back home earlier than expected. SAD FACE :(

Anyway, I have some big posts* for the blog later this week. Get excited.

Oh! Also, Noah Cicero blogged about me after making a comment about tacos on one of his posts. I feel honored. Even though he spelled my name wrong. Its okay, Noah. I still like you.

* posts actually worth reading! Yay!


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