October 18, 2009

Sometimes We Exist

Half of the time we exist. The other half we only pretend.

New issue of 50 to 1 just released - SOMETIMES WE EXIST. Go read some awesome flash fiction. Contributors include: Morgan Moore, Troy Morash, Anne Whitehouse, Rebecca Jane Taylor, M.E. Ray, Amanda Borenstadt, and Jack Shakely.

This weekend was somewhat eventful. I had a party on Friday, hung out with old friends on Saturday, today, I updated 50 to 1, worked on my new book (Only Human) AND I beat inFamous. Good weekend.

I submitted a story to PANK. Wish me luck!

UPDATE - PANK has rejected me. But I submitted to Venture, Foundling Review and >kill author. So if you would be so kind to continue and wish me luck I would love you forever.

Or maybe you can buy a signed copy of drive. - Very bored and signed all the copies I had left. Put them on eBay. Thought process - 'hey, what the hell!'


Currently listening to: Coheed and Cambria
Song: Everything Evil
Album: The Second Stage Turbine Blade


  1. DJ - it got rejected, but thanks! I've been on a rejection streak lately. haha