August 9, 2009

These feelings won't go away

The reading went extraordinarily well. Details are over at The Broad Set. Robin Barletta has posted a new story, go check it out and leave comments. It's something different, and I mean that in a total positive way. (sorry if that came out wrong, Robin haha)

My apologizes for not being around as much. I've been busy, crazy busy. I've seen the following bands in concert in the past two weeks: AC/DC, Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, G Love and the Special Sauce, and Jason Mraz. Next week I'm going to see Oasis and the following week I'm going to see the Allman Brothers with the Doobie Brothers. This summer has been the summer of MUSIC! I love it.

Read this.

Anyway, those concerts combined with work has left me little time for significant levels of blogging. It's okay though. I'm here. Right now I'm going to leave you with a poem I wrote in two minutes. I'll be back soon with more info and details about upcoming readings, free zines etc.

Stupid Poem
I feel alive right now.
The amount of fun
floating through my veins
is equivalent to that of
a theme park
on steriods.
I am lucky to have this.


Currently listening to: Citizen Cope
Song: Sideways
Album: The Clarence Greenwood Recordings