August 12, 2009

Random [stupid] Writing Exercise

Someday I want to use somebody.

I want to use someone for nothing but all they are worth.

It won't be special and it won't be unique.

I'll use them the same way I use a pen. Or a bottle of water. I'll use them for all they are there for and then throw them away.

They will cry.

I will smile as I turn elsewhere without a second thought.

Or maybe I'll recycle them.

Let them build confidence again, just to tear it away.

Either way they will feel exactly the way I do right now.



Worn out.


And it will all fall apart one day. Someday.


Currently listening to: Kings of Leon
Song: Use Somebody
Album: Only by the Night


  1. disturbingly it once, went off to do something else and had to come back

  2. Thank you, Rebecca! That means a lot more than you think it does.