December 17, 2008

No Snowboarding but More Writing

So I couldn't butter any gnar at Blue Mt. today because of rain. Sucks. A lot. Whatever, I'll go tomorrow or something. Dammit.

This morning, after my normal cup of coffee, I worked on my novella. But here's why this is special: I started over. I didn't like where it was heading so I deleted what I had. I guess that's okay. Meh.

Oh, I forgot to post this. About two weeks ago a story of mine, "How to Cheat and Not Feel Bad About It," was accepted into the February 2009 Issue of decomP. So I'm pretty happy about that. I think it is going to go along with the storyline of my novella. I like saying that word. Novella. It sounds fun and pretty. Like the gayer younger brother to the novel. Interesting.

Okay enough bullshit. Time to finish writing and organize myself.