February 15, 2010

Literary News (surprise!)

Good or bad news first?

The (not-so) bad news: rejected from two magazines in a half hour. It's okay. I'll try you guys again!

Good news: An untitled piece of mine is up at Nanoism today! This 'twitter-zine' is one of the best journals on the Internet today. Every piece published is awesome. I have yet to read a piece and not get shivers up my spine. Keep up the good work, Ben! Thanks for including me in such a great magazine!

More good news: The review for Eric Nelson's The Silk City Series is LIVE over at The Broad Set. Go read it and order your copy today!

(sort of oldish) other news: A new issue of 50 to 1 is out. Hearts Like Batteries. Read it and then submit your 50 word story or 1st line.

The Broad Set's Avalanche Tinder is now on Goodreads. Please review it (or if you don't have your copy, email me and I can mail you one for FREE).

I am reading in Hoboken on Friday with some other rad dudes and dudettes.


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