November 4, 2008


This video was made by my friend for his video class. Observe:

So I apologize for all the YouTube update crap lately. But today is election day. And you should go voice your opinion... No matter what it is. Sure I'm voting for Obama but you don't have to. I mean, I think you should. But I'm not going to force it like other assholes.

Anyway, this entire flood of last minute campaign kisses has gotten pretty annoying, for both parties. Sometimes I wish that the socialist party would grow a little bit. Whatever. I'm avoiding homework and I don't even have that much. I'm at work at the desk right now and I could be done and writing a new story soon. I have began working on a novella. I will announce it to the public sometime in the near future. Check this out because it's kind of neat. As for now I leave you with this...


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