November 18, 2008

The History of the English Language

Today I am studying for a final exam tomorrow in, you guessed it, The History of the English Language. My task: to date four selections (out of 15) of any and all time periods. Then provide significant evidence why it is dated in that time period. I can't just say 'Oh, that is written in the Old English period.' No, I have to say 'That was written in 1030 because...'

Yes it is going to be difficult.

It is supposed to snow today. By snow I mean flurry. You see here at the Jersey Shore we get limited amounts of snow. This is disappointing. However, this does make me happy. Snow means offical winter temperatures. Which means official snowboard season. Shredfest 08-09. I can't wait.

Now to go adjust/tune my board.

Also, the big announcement will be made in a little less than three weeks. Be excited. Build suspense. Feel the rush.