October 16, 2008

Boring Thought Process At Work

One day I plan to be famous. I don't know how it's going to happen or when, but it is going to happen. I will own my own house with multiple bedrooms and have two or three cars. They will be normal cars; not like the tricked out ones you see on cribs or anything. I will have enough money to not have to have a real job. I will have time to write and/or rock out if I so choose. I will play some open league ice hockey at the local rink and everyone will notice me and say, 'hey aren't you that guy' to which I can and will reply, 'yes, I am.' Then I will self release an album of rockin songs because I have enough money. People will buy it and I will give it away for free on the streets if people ask me. It will rock so hard. I will also self publish lots of books because people will want to read them. I will also give those away too. My blog will become so popular that I will have to modify it to take care of the bandwidth properly. Then eventually someone will name something big after me. And before I die I will pass down my legacy to my children, who will also be famous. It will be one long chain of famosity. I just made up a word, that's how famous I am going to be. Shit. I need a good idea.