February 4, 2016

The Internet

This is the internet. What you are reading, skimming, or stumbling upon thanks to probable clickbait. The memes you found on Reddit. The hashtags, reposts, and ads fogging your screen. Netflix and chill pleas, Tinder swipes, and Bumble messages. Tweets and Snaps. Pinterest boards. A place where capitalism and entrepreneurship have similar definitions. Somewhere for you to escape the hassles of reality, whatever that may be. This is it. This is what it is. This is what you get. You're a part of it, you socialite, you. So share this "article." #popculture for all. Money, fame and fortune. This is all it is and all anyone under 30 ever seems to care about. Right?

>>> Keyword: is.

>>> Meaning: present tense. Not permanent.

We can make it better. It can be better. You have that power. I have that power. Humans have that power.

We can organize protests and stage a revolution; meteorologists can predict the weather and programmers can create artificial intelligence. We can transmit terabytes of information across oceans and mountains in milliseconds. You can see what Earth looks like from ISS right this very second via streaming live feed. I can take notes on a YouTube video while watching it IN THE SAME TAB! You can pay your landlord rent with the swipe of a finger. All of this is the present.

30 years ago, no one would've thought that it'd become any of those things. But it did. It is. And it will be. The internet is what we make it. It can be so much more. Exactly what that is, is up to you (and me).

I have this strange feeling that what we've made is merely infantile compared to what it will one day be. So the emphasis, rather, should be: "This is what the internet was. 2016." Our children will see the difference: that I'm aware of. Their children will for sure. Let’s make it be better. Let’s make our constantly evolving virtual reality more powerful than it already is. Let’s make the internet whatever it can be.