February 5, 2010

Old(ish) News

What's that sour taste? Oh, it's just Glen giving you news you've probably already heard.

decomP has released February's issue on their new site. It's pretty and the issue is SICKKKK. Check it out.

Hobart has also released it's February issue. Never disappointed with what they put out.

PANK just released #4. It's dubious. (I wanted to use the word dubious.)

50 to 1 has posted the newest issue 'Thinking Elsewhere.'

Don't forget the new issue of kill author!

I found this while surfing the web today: Joe Meno's The Architecture of the Moon. featherproof's free mini books.

Tao Lin is also up to his usual antics.

In broad news (see what I did there?) The Broad Set Writing Collective has a reading tonight. (Unless this blizzard punches New Jersey in the nuts.) We'd love for you to join us if you want to battle the storm. If not, its completely understandable. Its a small venue with delicious food!


Date: Friday February 5th
Time: 7:30P.M.
Location: Kaffe Kaprys polish restaurant, 41 E. E. Washington Avenue
Washington, NJ 07882


Currently listening to: Kanye West
Song: Flashing Lights
Album: Graduation


  1. Thanks for the mention, Glen!

  2. Not a problem. 50 to 1 strongly supports decomP!