December 1, 2008

3oh3 and 4th Hint for Big Announcement

Hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was pleasant. I ate two different dinners at two different houses. It was glorious. I gained massive pounds.

So Mr. Kaspereen got published on 6S. I am happy for him. Check it out.

Also, listen to 3Oh!3. They could be described as "godly, insanity in your headphones." I've had their album Want for some time now and I can't stop listening to it.

And I suppose you are all wondering when Glen will announce the 4th hint... I guess now is a good time. [Here is a link to the last one.]

*4th HINT* Long, extensive projects usually have excessive awaited outcomes but they always have lots of planning. *4th HINT*

Again, continue to spread the word. Be sure to tell me you're telling people because you will be compensated.