February 1, 2010

Shane Jones interview and a Recap of Jan 29th.

If you are wondering how the reading went on Friday, then you weren't there and I am sad because we didn't get a chance to high five.

But the reading was awesome. It was the first time I read using a podium/microphone. And yes, I was nervous. We had many listeners (and, via word of mouth, even some publishers/agents) most of which, I did not know. So I guess that means the reading went well. Lauren Cerand came out, which was very cool because I haven't seen her in a long time. Afterwords we went to an expensive snoody restaurant (don't ask me why) and everyone gave me and my flannel (The Broad Set were the only people who weren't wearing black) dirty looks. Then after that we went to Rudy's (which was a lot more down to earth). A great time, indeed.

Anyway, we have upcoming readings:

Date: Friday February 5th (THIS FRIDAY)
Time: 7:30P.M.
Location: Kaffe Kaprys polish restaurant, 41 E. E. Washington Avenue (also known as Rt 57)
Washington, NJ 07882


Date: Friday, February 19th
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Symposia Community Books, 510 Washington Street,
Hoboken, NJ

If you can make it, GREAT! If not, I'll give you a high-five next time.

Speaking of The Broad Set Writing Collective... I recently had the chance to interview Shane Jones! How lucky am I?! Check it out. Thank you, Shane!

I plan on releasing the new issue of 50 to 1 this week. Thanks for your patience.

Apologies for this long, listy post. But I guess it was all well with time.


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